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Certificates and labels


“1 barrel, 1 tree”

The tree makes the barrel, the barrel replants the tree: for each barrel delivered, Tonnellerie CADUS is committed to planting a tree in France!

In partnership with the Naudet nursery in Burgundy, Tonnellerie CADUS replants sessile oaks and pedunculate oaks in several regions in France. What could be more natural than planting the raw material that makes the barrel?

The first oaks were planted in early 2016, near Épernay (ChampagneArdenne). Thanks to this operation, the symbolic figure of 10,000 trees planted was reached barely 6 months later. For each barrel sold, Tonnellerie Cadus finances part of the purchase and planting of an oak ‘seedling’, and the nursery takes care of the young oaks. A long-term agreement has been signed in order to perpetuate the ecological impact of this unique operation. In addition, the independent organization ECOCERT Environnement, an international reference for forest certification, verifies that the trees are alive and well maintained and that the growth of the future forest is ensured.

The benefits of these plantations:
• Storing CO2 to combat climate change
• Hydrate the soil to stop desertification
• Preserve biodiversity and its ecological contributions
• Promote the economic development of the territories

« Our ambition is to achieve the excellence of certain French saddlers. Our objectives are more qualitative than quantitative. They are based on the work of the material, the experience of experts and the passion for wine. »

Antoine de Thoury

An Ecocert certificate

The independent organization Ecocert Environnement, internationally recognized for forest certification and the certification of organic crops, controls and verifies that the trees are alive and maintained, that the number of trees planted is respected, as well as the density and surface area, and that future forest growth is assured.

CADUS cooperage is concerned about the environment.

Attentive to its environment, CADUS has undertaken a PEFC certification process which is now acquired. Recycling waste from the cooperage was the logical follow-up to this approach.

With the help of the Regional Council of Burgundy, the FEDER and the ADEME, an investment of 500,000 euros was made in 2011 in a wood-fired boiler to allow the cooperage energy independence using its shavings, sawdust and wood dust.

CADUS barrels have also benefited from this future-oriented culture. With the PUR® protocol directly resulting from its R&D, CADUS offers a modern 100% natural toasting method for integration within the first months of ageing. The SENSORIEL® range incorporates this toasting method and ensures a reliable and high-performance product promise.


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