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The Tonnellerie Cadus

Planting today and for tomorrow


Created in 1996, Tonnellerie Cadus draws its strength from its structure with complementary partners that are essential to the expertise of the cooper’s trade. We act as a link in the chain between those managing French oak resources and the winemakers with whom we work hand in hand for the production of barrels.

At the root
Canadell, based in Trie sur Baïse, has been a merrandier since 1950 and the main buyer for the Office National des Forêts. Thanks to this shareholding, Tonnellerie Cadus benefits from a consistent supply of high-quality French oak.

In the glass
Close ties with Maison Louis Jadot in Beaune, Burgundy, allow us to share and compare the technical subtleties of our barrels with long-term œnological expertise. Thanks to these exchanges, we are constantly making improvements in a search for balance so that Cadus barrels accompany the expression and character of each terroir.

Driven by our confidence in the future, the Tonnellerie Cadus teams work hand in hand with the winemakers. Each has its own profession, its challenges and its problems. Mutual trust between the two leads to constructive and beneficial solutions.

" From the love of the forest and the wood, to the love of the vine and the wine, there is only one step. "


Two centuries are needed for an oak tree to be used in cooperage. This precious forest heritage is maintained by various groups: the Office National des Forêts, private owners, operators, forest engineers and stave cutters.

Harvesting a mature oak is part of the life cycle of a forest as part of a reasoned and sustainable management promoting natural regeneration or including replanting programs.

Since 2015, in partnership with the Pépinière Naudet in Burgundy, Tonnellerie Cadus has been carrying out the “1 Barrel, 1 Tree” operation to replant sessile oaks and pedunculate oaks and pass on this plant heritage to future generations.

Chambord, guarantor of a French tradition

Cadus supports and maintains traditional French cooperage, and so the partnership with the National Estate of Chambord then seemed obvious to us in 2018. From this mutual trust, our collaboration took the form of a sponsorship of skills.

Chambord has been on the first list of historical monuments since 1840 and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981. With 5,440 hectares / 13,44 acres and 32 kilometers / 20 miles of surrounding wall, the National Estate of Chambord is the largest enclosed forest park in Europe.

The production of staves is thus carried out near Chambord. 24 months of drying in the open air in the park of Chambord and under the favorable climate of the Loire Valley are then necessary for the seasoning of these exceptional rough staves. The barrels are made and toasted by the Tonnellerie Cadus.


To anticipate

The seasoning of the rough staves lasts at least 30 months in the open air at the Tonnellerie park. The climatic conditions linked to the semi-continental climate in Burgundy affect the tannins and the structure of the wood.


We are committed alongside our partners to the sustainable and reasoned management of forests. Trusting Cadus also means committing to having a tree replanted for each barrel purchased.


The gestures, these same gestures that shape the oak rough staves into barrel ready staves. To the rhythm of the sounds in the workshop, a precise ballet takes place where each cooper works with the greatest dexterity on the barrels.


Our commercial and technical dynamic is driven by our ability to adapt to our environment and the ability to provide solutions to our winemaker customers.

Make decisions today that will have an impact tomorrow.

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