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The precision of oak for the elevation of wine

A tailor-made barrel
A results-driven profile
Designed for exceptional terroirs


A tailor-made barrel

With Origine® barrels, Cadus offers you the possibility of choosing either wood from exceptional forests such as Jupilles, Bertranges or Tronçais or from forests located in a particular geographical area in Nièvre, Allier or Vosges, or grain quality resulting from the sorting carried out by our experts.

Vintage after vintage, this traditional approach supports the search for suitability of the origin of the wood or the quality of the grain with the different cuvées produced by our partners.

The constant and homogeneous toasting time is determined according to your choice of intensity of revelation of the aromatic compounds of the oak.

A tailor-made barrel with the choice of the following criteria:
– French oak origin or grain quality
– Toasting
– Capacity from 114L to 500L

— sensoriel®

A results-driven profile, a barrel

Sensoriel® barrels have been designed to meet the aromatic profile and structure sought by the winemaker.

Cadus purposefully selects Sensoriel® woods of the French oak groves according to the organoleptic character of each terroir as well as the grain for better integration with shorter aging. The toasting follows a precise and constant protocol for the desired intensity. Different Sensoriel® barrels offer options perfectly suited to your winemaking objectives : linear structure, roundness and suppleness, spicy and toasty.

With its expertise in oak, Cadus offers three barrels for different expressions : Équilibre®, Volume® and Intense®, each resulting from an in-house selection of oak and its precise toasting.

Three profiles, three barrels:

Express subtlety and finesse

Expand what nature offers

Reveal the aromatic oak character


Designed for exceptional terroirs

CbyCADUS® is a support tool for the aging of exceptional cuvées where the expression of great terroirs is at the heart of the winemaking process.

Cadus offers a selection of oaks from exceptional forests in France plus homogeneous and consistent toasting to enhance the wine’s intrinsic qualities. The winemaker selects the intensity of the toast to suit the wine.

The CbyCADUS® barrel accompanies the aromatic and energetic expression of the wine. It is perfectly suited to aging flagship cuvées from great terroirs.

Limited quantities



The newest barrel in our lineup is built just for Bordeaux varieties and blends that will be bottled within a year or so of barreling. With a blend of oak that gives just the right amount of tannin structure and aroma, CAB BY CADUS® is perfect for cool or warm climate wines alike.

— chambord

A grand cru oak

The Chambord barrel is the quintessence of French heritage and traditional coopering expertise.

The oak used for this special barrel comes from the forest of the National Estate of Chambord in the Loire Valley. This historic and exceptional oak grove surrounds the Château de Chambord, an architectural work commissioned by François the 1st in the 16th century.

The rough staves are seasoned in the open air in the heart of the Chambord park before being received at the Tonnellerie Cadus in Burgundy.

The rarity and quality of the oaks of this forest in the Loire Valley align with the greatest terroirs for aging with finesse and precision. The mention “Aged in Chambord oak barrel”* attests to the special character and relays the history associated with this very special barrel.

Very limited quantities


American Oak Barrels from The Oak Cooperage by Silver Oak Cellars

Located in Higbee, Missouri, The Oak Cooperage (formerly known as A&K) has produced handcrafted, American oak barrels for the wine, whiskey, and bourbon industries since 1972. Silver Oak, a leading producer of California Cabernet Sauvignon, purchased a 50 percent interest in the cooperage in 2000, after sourcing barrels from the cooperage for nearly 30 years. Fifteen years later, Silver Oak acquired full ownership, embracing a shared philosophy of quality, excellence, and continuous improvement in the time-honored craft of artisanal barrel making. According to Tony LeBlanc, Silver Oak General Manager, “The flavors and textural components of American white oak from Central and Northern Missouri are the perfect balance of spice and vanilla flavors to complement the black fruit character of our wines.”

Today, The Oak Cooperage maintains a laser-like focus on the quality and consistency of our classic 59-gallon American oak wine barrels, while also producing a small number of American and French Oak barrels for the whiskey and bourbon industries. Each barrel is handcrafted by a team of highly skilled, hard-working men and women who preserve and advance the time-honored craft of artisanal barrel making. And now they’re available for you, too.

Barrels include 265/228/225/200/114L in 24-month or 36-month seasoned oak.

— Clayver Ceramic Amphorae


Clayver is a stoneware container designed specifically for consistency and reproducibility in winemaking and perfect for fermentation, storage, and aging. Clayver’s controlled porosity allows for the development of weight, mouthfeel, and complexity without the aromatic or tannic impact of oak. Available in 2000L, 600L, 400L upright, 400L horizontal, and 250L.

Designed by engineers in northern Italy: “We do not star-gaze; we prefer to look at microscopes and measurement instruments. We prefer making calculations rather than throwing dice. When we thought about wine, our main idea was to avoid disturbing it. We came up with a material and a container that was able to accompany wine on its natural path. We did this in the simplest way that nature offers: water, earth and fire. In order to do this well, though, computers, analyses and many mistakes were necessary. We learned a lot, and we are now convinced that we can offer a practical easy to handle ceramic container, one that requires no coatings and is easy to maintain.

Try it. Its simplicity will surprise you!”

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